• Description

    Dr.Bei Sonic Electric Toothbrush head (Care) หัวแปรงสีฟันไฟฟ้า หัวสำหรับเปลี่ยน (2ชิ้น/แพ็ค)


    - The replacement toothbrush head is designed for Toothbrush Head for Dr.Bei Sonic Electric Toothbrush Head Q3 (Lipstick)

    - 2pcs Toothbrush Head is a Brush Head suitable for people with oral sensitivity and gingival bleeding.

    - Regular replacement for efficient tooth brushing.

    - Rust-free, metal-free, environmentally friendly and healthy.

    - The slim, angled neck makes hard-to-reach areas easy to access.

    - It's recommended that every brush head should be replaced after 3-month use.